6 pairs of shoes for fall

Hey lovebugs, how are you spending your day?
This post, as the title suggest would be about the shoes I would be coveting this fall.
1. The white canvas
These have been in style for the past few seasons and it can be worn during every season but not practical in winter – at least not in Canada. Here are a few of my faves adidaszara
2. Brogues or platform blutchers
I never thought I would love these because they were a bit too masculine. My style revolves constantly and I am open to try new things.I mean take a moment to take-in that bad boy. Aldo makes these really gorgeous ones, these,and these look absolutely insane.

3.Lace up flats
Lace up flats are a fun way to add playful pieces to your shoe collection. The ZaraAquazurra, and Topshop are my faves.
4. Pointed flats
If you don’t have something like this in your wardrobe what are you waiting for? Céline makes these really classic ones. 

5. Shin high boots
This isn’t really a thing but I decided to make it one and call it shin-high (LOL). I have been loving this Alexander wang one for the longest time, after combing through the internet I found a few cheaper one that won’t break the bank, poshmark. Here is a similar style from nordstromNeed some height? here is one for you.
6. Ankle boots
I really love this cut-out number from nordstrom, this and this are amazing as well.

Let me know which are your faves, I would really love to know and you can suggest some I missed out.

Fidede K. E.


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